Learn Sales conversations and not scripts.  Sales conversation are the way to go. In my career of selling I have to admit I’ve never learned scripts.

A man and a woman sitting at separate desk and next to each other. They are looking and talking on the phone to each other.

Learn sales Conversations

Don’t get me wrong because I did try to learn some, but they felt so unnatural for me.  Although, I did pick up a few good lines here and there.

Building rapport in sales is crucial and it’s in your sales conversations where this will happen and not by memorizing sales scripts.

The Death of Sales Scripts

The death of sales scripts makes it a lot easier for salespeople because all they have to do is learn sales conversations.

For many years salespeople and sales scripts would go hand in hand in order to say their specific message. The sales person would give the message word for word.

Salespeople would practice and practice, rehearse and rehearse because to be the best and close lots of deals means you did this.  This way you were able to repeat back these words to your prospects.  The idea was to own the script.

I used to rehearse to my wife, my friends you name it.

My mindset was to speak the magic words that worked and all I had to do was learn sales conversations.The words sales pitch in a red circle and an line crossing it out

Think about how easy it is to notice a sales persons talking like they are reading a script?  Did it sound so inauthentic?

If you ever read a sales script you will see that many of the words being used are words that you don’t usually use in your own personal conversations.

It looked like the people who wrote scripts did so based on their own language style.

They did this because they were just using the words that are normal and comfortable to them.

This is not to take away from words that have meaning in specific industries. Example: “Search Engine” – what industry do you think this is used in???

A picture of a shakespearean actor holding a human skull

Shakespearian Actor

Go pick up a script and starting reading it and see how uncomfortable you may feel by reading it because some of the words aren’t yours.

I guess if you are able to learn a script verbatim you could be a Shakespearian Actor.

Learn Sales Conversations

Now that you are aware about what I mean when I talk about the death of the sales scripts let’s look at a better way.

Just have a conversation to a potential prospect the same way you have with your family, friends, you name it. What I mean by a conversation is that there is no memorized script.

A male and female sitting on stools opposite each other having a conversation

Just like you are talking to anyone

Your voice doesn’t automatically go into salesperson mold and you start talking differently.

Do you have a script when you talk to your friend? It’s just a free flow and exchange of information.

When you have a conversation with a potential client and haven’t learned any scripts you will be seen as real and authentic.

While it’s important to have a genuine conversation with your prospect, it is equally important to remember that you have a purpose and agenda.

Time to Learn Sales Conversations and Add in Your Message

The easiest way to learn sales conversations so that you can tell your prospect your message is to jot them down in point form using one word for each message you want to give. If there are 4 things you want to discuss you should have 4 words.


You find out that your prospect want’s a quick turn around and price is an issue.

You want to say that you can deliver your product really fast, faster than the competition and for a cheaper  price because you have buying power.

  • fast
  • competition
  • cheaper
  • buying power

In the example above you would only have to remember 4 words – fast, competition, cheaper, buying power.

Now in your conversation and as you are talking to your prospect you just say something like:

“I don’t know if you are aware or not, but our clients chose to deal with us because we are able to deliver ABC Product very fast and as a matter of fact, we can deliver it faster than any of the competition and not only that, because of our buying power we are able to also get it to you for even a cheaper price, what are your thoughts on that?”

I just used my language the way I talk all the time and made sure that the 4 points above were included. You just take the 4 points and put them in your words that make you comfortable.  Got it.

It’s that easy.

If you want me to help you learn sales conversations or anything else, just fill out the form  below.


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