I started selling when I was seventeen. I made $500 my first week and $1,500 my second week. I thought “wow, I’m good at this!”

I didn’t come from a wealthy family. We went through a lot of hardships when I was a kid, but sales eventually helped me through. I always wanted to be somebody, and sales gave me an identity. I wanted to be a top closer. Top closers were the guys on top, the big shots.

I’ve been where you are

I always wanted to be the best salesperson, a leader, a top performer. I  read some books, tried different things, asked my manager and the other salespeople for help.  It wasn’t enough. I felt like I was trying to go to a place that I was never at. 

What was it about me that was keeping me back? Was I doing something wrong? Then I would get distracted because I had so may things to do and had no time. I felt lost and I knew I was stuck.  

Why I became a sales coach

Several years later, my new wife invited me to attend a coaching event. The more I learned about the industry, the more I liked it. I decided that the next sales deal I got, I would sign up for a course.

What I love about coaching with AimSmart clients is what I’ve loved about sales for 35 years: helping people find a solution to solve a problem. It’s the kind of support I needed all those years ago.


What it’s like to work with me

When I coach you, I see what’s going on with you. I see where the gap is, and how we can close it so you can find success.

A lot of people coach about sales, but they don’t have much sales experience. I have decades. I know what sales is about, and I can help you get back on track quickly.

Sales success is that never-ending search for greatness. The more you search, the higher you’ll climb. Money is only part of it. It’s more about being the best you can be. Where do you stop? You don’t.

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