“Closing The Sale” Are Not Bad Words -I Swear

"Closing the sale" are really great words. For the last few years, it seems to me that many sales trainers are trying to create a new narrative by redefining what sales professionals are supposed to do – “closing the sale”. Some Sales Trainers Are Creating A Negative...

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How Much Do You Charge? First Question Asked

This blog teaches you how to deal with the “how much do you charge” question you hear right after someone says hello. You will also learn about the type of person that asks a question like this and why. You will also take a look at yourself to determine if you are the type that even wants to deal with this prospect. And finally, you will be given a process and instructions on how to effectively deal with the “how much do you charge” question. As a result, you will either turn this person around and meet with them or disqualify them and not waste your time.

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