A Great Technique to Get Your Client to Agree

A sales person who got his client to agree and is now shaking hands with him, while the man's wife smiles and looks on.

There must be many times when you want your client to agree.

“You went to my website, you are reading my post, you are interested in selling, so contact me talk and let’s see where it goes.”

The sentence you just read in the quotations above is part of selling and is a unique skill.

Let’s Decode It, Break it down

To break it down, you are pacing, pacing, pacing then leading.

There are 3 undeniable truth and one statement.  The statement is what I want you to do: “contact me and let’s see where it goes”.

The first undeniable truth is: “You went to my website”, the second is: “you are reading my post”, and the third is: “you are interested in selling”.  Since all of these are true, you are actually in agreement to these without you even noticing. This is called pacing.

Then I made a statement in which I want you to do something, “contact me and let’s see where it goes”. This is leading.

What’s interesting, is many people say you have to get the prospect to keep saying yes in order to get them to say yes to you. What I just showed you is how the prospect doesn’t have to say yes, yes, yes. They are actually saying yes in their head without them actually saying “yes” out loud.

Where can you use this technique

Contract with a hand holding a pen signing it where by the salesperson got their client to agree.

Closing the sale or the next step in your relationship.

Example: “You said that you wanted to buy new software, that you like ours and that the price is good.  So sign the purchase order and let’s get this going”.

Although, this technique of getting your client to say yes is only part of the whole picture. When it comes to closing a deal, it’s everything from the time you qualify your prospect to the end of the sales call.  It’s the skills and core competencies that the salesperson employs.

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