Wants and Needs

Wants and needs, what would you rather sell to? A person who “wants” a luxury item will pay a lot of money for it if they want it bad enough.  colored napkins pinned to a wall with Needs written on one and Wants written on the other

It’s definitely an emotional purchase because it makes them feel a certain way. The unfortunate side of a want is that it’s easier to say no to because it’s not essential to have. When it comes to needs, especially if the need is crucial, the person or business almost has to take action.


A “want” is the perception a person has about something that they feel they need. It’s above and beyond what is essential to live. When a person wants something it’s about how it makes them feel. Things that are luxury fall into this category.

When a person finds out how much their “want” cost, it’s amazing how fast they realize that they don’t need it.

Obviously, the amount of money a person is willing to part with depends on how bad they want it and how much money they have.


A “need” is something that is essential in which you can’t do without. It solves an essential problem or situation. Although you basically have no choice about making a purchase or taking action, it’s not something that you would necessarily enjoy or want to pay for.

In business, it’s certainly the “needs” that causes a person or business to take action and buy.

When you help your prospect discover their needs and the pain of not having it, will certainly motivate them to take action. The bigger the need and the bigger the pain the faster they will take action.

A printing press that produces faster which can make you more money is something you need especially when you compare to a current printer that keeps breaking down which keeps costing you money.


Cars – although a car may be categorized as a “need” by most people because they feel that they need it as a form of transportation. The question is the type of car and the options you can get with it. A basic car can surf ice the need; and getting custom leather, an amazing stereo, and all the other luxury items would be their “wants”.

Vacation – a person may have the need to relax and let loose by taking a vacation, so for some people just by going to a cottage would be fine. For some, although they have the need to relax, they “want” to go to on a vacation to the Caribbean with ocean view and luxury service.

Roof- If your roof is old and the shingles are falling off, you have no choice and you need to replace it to stop the rain from coming in and causing damage.  If you decide that you “want” designer looking shingles and are willing to pay more money for it, the choice is yours although it’s not essential.

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