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Ira Wolfe, sales success & performance coach

Anyone can call themselves a coach, but I went through rigorous training with the Institute for Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I also have over 30 years of sales success and have made over 8000 sales calls in my career.

I have spent my entire life since I was 17 years of age studying sales and applying what I’ve learned.  For years I’ve studied psychology that deals with beliefs, negative thinking, motivation, values and more.

I combine my professional coaching skills with my years of selling for the sole purpose of transforming you into a top-performer.  Very few coaches and trainers have this combined experience.  I’ve noticed that even the top and well-known trainers don’t have the coaching skills to help their clients. They use bits and pieces of stuff they picked up over the years.

You’ll notice that most people think that it’s the selling skills that make a salesperson successful. But the skills are only the spokes in the wheel and not the engine.  The engine is a combination of your attitude, your default thinking, your beliefs, and values. Even the way you view your client is part of the engine.

Do you have limiting beliefs like you aren’t good enough or you are too old, etc? NO PROBLEM.

I’ll turn you into a top sales performer and closer.

When others teach about handling sales objections, I teach how to prevent objections in the first place.

When others teach you how to close, I’ll teach you how to get the client to close themselves.

I will teach you the stuff that they don’t write about in sales books or teach you by taking a sales course.

Cold calling is a major key in selling, yet many have issues doing it, if they do it at all. This has to do with the way they think and I have helped many overcome this hurdle.

Not everyone can survive in sales and I work with those that need to build up their resistance to handle the constant rejection and negativity that comes with the territory.

Meeting quotas should not be an issue, yet many don’t. Again, this has to do with how people think most of the time.

Regardless of the issues, a person faces in selling, I will help them identify the gap then work with them to become the best they can be so that they can achieve their highest potential.

I believe in helping people be the best they can be and that everybody can be great – especially if they have the want, the aptitude and the passion to learn.

I will hold you accountable, help you deal with obstacles in your way (whether it’s mindset, skills, or abilities), and help you take action so you can move ahead.

Do you want to try a complimentary coaching session? The only problem is that you may learn too much and not need me 🙂  Act now because I’m only giving out so many. Book Complimentary Session

Become a top selling professional, call me now: 647-703-9313 or email: info@aimsmartcoaching.com

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