“Closing the sale” are really great words. For the last few years, it seems to me that many sales trainers are trying to create a new narrative by redefining what sales professionals are supposed to do – “closing the sale”.

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Some Sales Trainers Are Creating A Negative Connotation

Have you ever heard statements like, “we don’t close sales we open relationships” or “don’t close instead add more value”?  They do sound good and very catchy.

Usually, statements like these are made by many sales people including expert sales trainers, the people others look to for advice.  But, do they realize that they are creating a negative narrative around the words “closing the sale”?

It’s bad enough that many people in the public have a belief that “selling” is about being pushy or even unethical, instead of the positive side of sales. Like helping companies or people achieve positive outcomes.

Do we want the idea of closing the sale to be interpreted as something negative?  Are we are own worst enemy?

It’s a little different when you close a deal with a person that doesn’t want or need what you’re offering.  Putting pressure on someone to buy your product is unethical, and this is not what I’m talking about.

What Does Closing The Sale Actually Mean?

In short, would you agree that closing the sale is just a natural progression of the entire sales process that formalizes in an agreement the exchange of goods and/or services delivered by a seller/vendor to a buyer for a fee or some other form of remuneration (money paid for work or a service)?

So, what’s wrong with closing the sale????

Metaphorically, closing the sale can mean a lot of things to different people depending on the situation.

Closing the sale are beautiful words that create income, that allows people to have families and live their life.

By closing the sale we are creating relationships for the purpose of helping both the vendor and the buyer:

  • The buyer will enjoy the benefits of their purchase – whether it’s buying machinery to increase productivity or a homeowner entertaining their friends by their new swimming pool.
  • The vendor will be able to pay their employees, purchase goods and services for whatever their needs may be, and hopefully live their life according to the lifestyle their desire. So-on, and so forth.

Did you ever think you may be doing an injustice to your buyer by not selling them your product or service?

Think about it for a minute, have you ever had a client that was sitting on the fence? They weren’t sure what to do, maybe a little nervous then they decided to make the purchase with you?  And afterward, they were so happy (hopefully)?

If you didn’t make the sale how could they be happy?  How could the business that bought the machinery be more successful had they not made the purchase?

You’re Either a Closer or You’re Not A Salesperson

If you are a salesperson you close, bottom line.

When you cold call to create leads for others to run out, you still have to “close” the appointment. What happens if your prospect needs additional information that you don’t have?  Don’t you still have to get a commitment (close) for another appointment?

You can show your prospect all the value they are getting and how they will be further ahead by buying your product. But, if you walk away with just a thank you, a handshake and no order, then what do you have?

Another saying that I’m sure everyone has heard “you’re always closing”. If you think about it you are. How do you know if both you and your buyer are on the same page without asking questions and getting confirmation? I would suggest that you take your buyer’s pulse to ensure we are on the same page.

Usually, the confirmation comes when your prospect says “yes”. Getting confirmation to see where your client stands is considered by some as part of the closing process. Right?

Remember, closing a deal in sales is only bringing to conclusion all the details discussed and agreed upon into an agreement in order to go forward.

So, Get out there and start closing the deal!



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