Take Nothing for Granted!

A man with his head in a hole in the ground

I lost sight of whats important

Take nothing for granted in life and in business. So here’s an opportunity to learn from someone elses mistake.

A couple of month ago I’m speaking with a very successful business man at which time he tells me that he just lost 25% of his revenue.  This 25% represents only “one” of his clients.Apparently, his client chose to go with a less expensive company without warning or the opportunity to mend the situation.

During our conversation I inquired as to what he thought he could have done differently, in which I was told the following:

He told me that had he focused on the relationship, things would have gone differently. For example: They would have known about any concerns their client was dealing with, in this case “cutting cost”.

They would have been given the opportunity to resell their client and explore areas to reduce cost.

If they had a great relationship the opportunity would have been given to them to compare services ensuring that everything was on the same playing field, and if not why?

At the end of the day, the other company wasn’t offering the same high level of service. Too late.

It’s About Your Business

When many companies start out in business they do whatever it takes to succeed, or they should anyways. They get clients and start to service those clients.

The contact person in which you will be dealing with is based on the size of your client’s business.

In a small business you are most likely to deal with the owner/operator. In a much larger business in which there is a large corporate structure you maybe dealing with someone in the management structure and not the president or CEO.

Regardless of the person that is your contact, the main concern is to keep the relationship alive and healthy. Communicate regularly and always know where you stand. Take nothing for granted.


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