Influences On Success

Influences on success can be handled once you have awareness and clarity on those specific influences that affect you.

A man at work holding a paper and he is in agony. His influences on success is declining because he is sweating and is too hot.

Oh man, it’s too hot, I can’t think straight

I don’t know about you, but if something bothers me or should I say disturbs me, it will really bother me and get in the way of me being at my best.

Let me explain. When I was selling real estate I had an office with a small desk against the wall. As a result of sitting so close and looking into a wall made me feel confined.

It was bad enough having a small desk, but staring at the wall. It drove me crazy.

The whole time I sat there, it was on my mind and had taken my concentration away from doing what I was supposed to do.

I knew the solution for this is simple and all I had to do is rearrange my office so that I could sit behind the desk and look out towards the door

It gets better. There was one thermostat that controlled the complete office. The thermostat was at the back next to the bullpen (open space with phones).

Anyways, the people at the back would keep changing the temperature based on how they felt. The small offices were always too hot.

I felt like taking my shirt off. It was very uncomfortable to work.  Again, it drove me nuts and had taken my focus away from my work.

The two examples that I just told you about has to do with the working environment and how it influences and/or affects us.

There are 6 areas that affect our performance, which can either make us better or work against us.

6 Influences on Success

The influence on success is fitness. There are a bunch of people or images of people running on top of the work fitness.

Staying healthy makes you perform better at work

  1. Mental  – would include the ability to concentrate, decision-making ability, and everything else that has to do with the mind.
  2. Emotional – would include the ability to manage stress;  emotional awareness, control, and expression; and more.
  3. Physical – would be included sleep, nutrition, strength, exercise
  4. Social – influencing others, relationships, communication and so on.
  5. Environmental – an adequate setting for performance, technology to do the job,
  6. Spiritual – faith, connection to purpose, alignment with values and goals, conscious awareness.

Awareness the Key to Making It Right

In life, to make changes you have to identify what needs changing.  So in the context of work, if something is bothering you consider focusing on what it is. Identify it, and work towards changing it.

It always seems like it’s easier said than done. Let’s say you work in a company where the internet keeps going down and it’s crucial for you to get online to do research on a project you are working on.

The company keeps saying that they will fix it and yet still nothing is done. This can drive anyone crazy especially if the work doesn’t get done and you lose a client.  You need the job. What do you do? What are your choices?

There is always a solution to a situation and the best way to start is by having conversations and expression on how you feel.

Where you have clarity on what affects, you will be able to make the need changes and be great.  When is the best time to be great at sales?  Call me 647-703-9313 or fill out the form below.


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