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How To Get Out of a Sales Slump? First Understand The Cause

How to get out of a sales slump: If you are in sales long enough you will experience sales slumps, it’s “par for the course”. In my, over 35 years of selling I’ve been in a few sales slumps and the question is, how do you get out of them? More importantly, if you don’t want to even have a sales slump, I would suggest reading Resilience: How to Survive as a Sales Professional.

read so many articles on “how to get out of a sales slump” or “overcoming sales slumps” and noticed they had one thing in common.  They were all based on giving step-by-step instructions on what actions to take without addressing the cause behind it. 

And for the same reason that you are in a sales slump is the same reason you may not follow a step-by-step procedure.

So, if you want sustainable change, I would suggest digging down to the core reason that’s causing the problem. If you want to find a solution to the problem, then you have to know what the problem is. It’s usually more complicated than what you hear people say, “just work harder or keep going”.

Getting out of a sales slump is kind of like fixing a car or seeing a doctor for a cure.  It’s about finding out the core reason that’s causing the problem.  Once you know the problem then you can work on a solution.

What is causing you to go into a sales slump in the first place?

Diagnosis Please

As a sales coach the first question that I will ask you, is: “What’s going on with you?” or “Why do you think your sales have fallen?”.  I will help you go inside yourself to figure it out because most people truly know the answer.  And if you don’t know I will help you figure it out.

Usually, when a person falls into a sales slump it’s because something is distracting them from concentrating on their job.  Their focus and thoughts may be on some external issue that affects them internally.

For example: Let’s say you are having arguments with your spouse and now you have to go to work. Do you think you will be your best with all this disturbance going on in your life? Especially if its an ongoing thing?

Another issue that can lead to a sales slump is the negative thinking resulting from constant rejection.  The good thing is that you can learn how to handle rejection in sales and you can even build up your resilience so that the rejection isn’t an issue.

External problems become internal if not dealt with ASAP and can lead go sales burnout.

To understand why sales success is different than other jobs, you have to understand what sales is about.

Why Is Being Successful in Sales Different Than Other Type of Jobs

Sales are intangible even if you are selling a tangible product! The success of salespeople is contingent on their mental state. If you lose your motivation you are in trouble. Having no motivation or very little of it can affect the way you come across to your prospect. Try selling something when your enthusiasm and positive attitude is way down.

It’s your mindset, the way you think that will make you successful in sales.  So, keep it positve!

You start to lose sales, and the more you lose the more you slide down into a slump. Maybe you become depressed, you start to see the negative side of everything.  The longer you are in this headspace the harder it will be to overcome it.  And before you know you’ll have sales burnout.

 What’s out there is neither good or bad, it’s what’s between your two ears that count – Ziz Ziglar                          

Other professions like a tradesperson, or teachers, or an accountant, etc., – usually if they are not motivated and may not be at 100%, they can still do their job and get a paycheck.

 I Now Know the Problem, Now What?

Obviously, depending on the severity of the issue will determine the best way to handle it.  If you are going through a divorce and it’s eating at you, I would suggest going for counseling.

Go see a social worker, a therapist and don’t let your ego get in the way.


Or, find an accountability partner or a coach that will listen to you.  Or, write in a journal and if you don’t exercise consider starting.

Find a way to release your frustration and/or your pain.

As time goes on things get better and the faster you deal with the issues the faster you will be back on your feet.

Again, deal with the core issue to overcome it.

 “And This Too Shall Pass” – I Think This is a Bible Quote

Try the ABCDE Method to Help Overcome Your Sales Slump

When you have an issue which stems from how you think, I would suggest trying the ABCDE, which comes from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

A – Adversity (the negative thought that is getting in your way, which can be created by a negative event or based on the way you think).

B – Belief (this is the belief you take on as a result of the adversity).

C- Consequence (this can be procrastination, complacency, loss of motivation, etc. based on the belief you have taken on)

D – Disputation (this is self-talk in which you dispute/argue the belief you have taken on to prove it false or not as severe as you may think it is).

E – Energy (This is how you feel which will lift you to take action after you dispute your negative belief).

Example:  You go into a sales slump (adversity), you start to think that you hate the business you are in (belief).

As a result, you decide to do nothing because you lost your motivation (consequence)

So you say to yourself, “do I really hate this business or is it what I’m going through right now? I’ve had sales slumps before and once I learned how to get out a sales slump, my sales shot up and I was fine. I know all I have to do is keep going and I will be on top again, if other salespeople are not in a slump, then it’s not the business, it’s only the way I’m thinking and if I change the way I think, I will be fine” (Disputation).

Now you feel motivated and start working harder and keep on going (Energy).

What Else Can I Do?

Assuming that for whatever reason you become unmotivated and complacent and that it’s not severe enough to seek therapy, I would suggest taking action, even if it’s hard to do. Keep it simple. Anything is better than nothing. Start slowly, get out there.

Speak to your sales manager, a friend, a coach, an associate and tell them that you are stuck and don’t know how to get out of a sales slump you are in.

You may need someone to put their hand on your shoulder and say, don’t worry  ______ (your name), everything is going to be ok.


getting out of a sales slump is like this picture of the sun rising over the ocean and the sky is yellow

The Sun Always Rises




Find the cause, then the solution, then take action!!!


If you need help on how to get out of a sales slump…


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