Fulfilling the client’s needs is what sales is about. So think about asking questions to figure out their needs.

Client's needs: A picture of Marlon Brando wearing his biker cloth and drinking a coffee.

So, I’m drinking my coffee in the morning, when ….

This mortgage broker I see every morning at the same Starbucks does not understand that. There’s a young guy there, I think in his mid 20’s who’s also a regular customer. He asks me if I sell real estate, I guess he must have seen my paperwork or something.  I responded yes. He now tells me that he’s a mortgage broker and immediately goes into his speech. He tells me how he looks after his real estate agent clients. That he takes their real estate listings and advertises them on his website for free. Then he tells me something else he does, can’t remember but didn’t mean anything to me.  He didn’t even come close to finding out the client’s needs here (me being the client).

It’s the Client’s Needs That Have To Be Addressed

it's about the client's needs assumptions can kill relationships

Assumptions Can Kill Relations

I told him that’s nice that he gives free advertising and then I asked for his permission so I can comment. What he didn’t know was that I have sold for over 30 years, trained many people and that I had just gotten certified in coaching specializing in sales and business. I said, that it seems he is trying to sell me on the benefits I would get if I’m his client. I then went on and asked him if he thinks that what he just told me about how I would benefit actually mean anything to me?  He couldn’t find the words to speak.

I explained to him, that probably in his mind, he thinks it’s a good idea giving this free advertising; and that he’s giving an added bonus to them for being one of his clients.  Then I went to the core of the issue because this is what bothers me about many salespeople.

Build Rapport First to Find Out the Needs of the Client

First, there was no sales rapport and that pitching me is the wrong thing to do at this particular time. I told him that for him to give me free advertising means absolutely nothing to me, and what he offers is not an important factor that would cause me to work with him. I suggested that he should have asked me questions to find my (client’s) needs in regards to working with a mortgage agent. He then could customize his presentation based on my needs, which could bring us closer to the possibility of us working together.

You customize your presentation based on your client’s needs by asking questions, not by assuming you think you know.

He didn’t understand that each person you meet thinks differently.  The needs of one person may not be the same of another.  So the lesson is to assume nothing.

When you ask questions to find out what’s important to someone, their needs, you will know their hot button.  And you will be closer to getting the deal.

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